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Woodrow Engineering Sales (Kimberley, South Africa) cc


Woodrow Engineering Sales (Kimberley) CC was established on 1 January 1997. The name originates from the owner of the original business from which the new business evolved. The original Woodrow Engineering Sales was primarily a sales-orientated business, supplying mines and industry in the Northern Cape with equipment in the electrical field. It was positioned to supply the correct equipment to the end-user based on technical know-how and knowledge.
With the establishment of Woodrow Engineering Sales (Kimberley) CC, a decision was taken that the business needs to broaden its base to ensure survival in the increasingly competitive marketplace. To ensure that the broader base moves the business into a strategically better position, the business branched out into a field loosely defined as "Projects", at the same time maintaining its position as a supplier as before. We also developed from a local Northern Cape business to a concern that operates where and when required, as the list of projects demonstrates.
The Projects division has developed into a unit that performs the following functions:
  • System Integration.
  • Consulting and Design Services, including MCC Design, Specification, Building and Installation.
  • Telemetry Planning, Supply and Installation.
System Integration involves the engineering of comprehensive electrical control systems that include all levels of supervisory and control systems, offering control and data distribution functions from managerial to plant floor level, making use of SCADA systems, networks, PLC’s, etc. Woodrow Engineering Sales (Kimberley) CC offers comprehensive system integration services. We are authorized system integrators for Rockwell Automation and form part of their worldwide SPP program.
We also represent Schneider Electric, Cutler Hammer and Moeller in this field. We also have experience of DirectPLC, OmronSiemens and TI systems.
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Woodrow Engineering Sales (Kimberley) CC has comprehensive knowledge of motor starting and control, and with our system integration experience, offers extensive services in the field of MCC and control system specification and design for particular applications. The design can be tailored to the clients needs and the technical content set at a level acceptable to the client. Full engineering drawings and operational manuals are supplied as part of the design. If required, fully built systems can be supplied and even installed if required. On-site commissioning forms part of our services.
Woodrow  offers the knowledge to specify and supply the correct Telemetry system for all applications, either as standalone systems or as part of comprehensive control systems.
As agents and distributors of a large number of products, as listed on this site, we offer the customer not only the equipment he requires, but full professional assistance to ensure that all his requirements are being met in the best and most economical way. We are proud of our expertise and happy to use it to our customer’s benefit.
kiepelogo.jpg (4395 bytes) Woodrow Engineering Sales (Kimberley) CC are the appointed distributors for South Africa of Kiepe Elektrik, Germany -  conveyer belt monitoring systems.
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