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Switching and control made "simply easy"

An electro-mechanical relay, electronic timer, temperature controller, and real-time clock. Moeller's newest control relay, "the easy", offers more than 20 standard functions in single unit.

"The easy" uses logic links instead of wiring. Conventional circuit wiring of switching and control devices is replaced with keystrokes on the easy, to make logic connections. This not only reduces mounting of wiring costs, but also saves precious time.

Rapid and safe commissioning is facilitated by the easy, showing where current is flowing in the circuit, in both testing purposes or actual operation. Three function blocks and an output allocation can be input into each of a total of 41 lines of logic to implement the circuit diagram configuration. An application can be modified and extended without time-consuming re-wiring.

The space-saving dimensions of the easy permit installation in service distribution board, in a building services installation or in the control panel on a machine.

A password function enables selective access to the circuit and parameters such as time and analog comparison.

The new control is available in 115/23OV ac versions, with or without a real-time clock. The 24V dc version features eight inputs, with an option, to use two as analog inputs.


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