woodprojects.jpg (24241 bytes) Some of the System Integrator projects carried out by Woodrow Engineering Sales (Kimberley) cc.

Project Type Motor Size Starter Type Control Telemetry
Ladybrand Pump Control Dual 300KW Soft-Starter PLC Analog Levels & Digital I/O Ninham Shand Ultrasonic Level Control
cement_logo02.gif (2561 bytes) Control of Factory Water Supply 3 x 15KW Submersible DOL with NIST controller PLC, SCADA Analog Levels, Digital I/O, SCADA Ninham Shand (Mechanical) & Conradie Venter (Electrical) Citect SCADA,  Ultrasonic Level Control
Newton Waterworks Plant Automation Various Various PLC Data for SCADA & Remote Control Woodrow Engineering Sales (Kimberley) cc Plant Supervisory by PLC.
Lesotho Protection Services Underground Bunker Reticulation & Stnby Gen. Set Control Various Fan & Pump Motors DOL PLC N.A. Fully Automated System, Remote Display & Control from Control Room.
CD Saver Supply Control System 2 x 0.75KW V/Hz N.A. Used to recover damaged CDs.
ISCOR Sishen Washplant Pressure Control System 18.5KW V/HZ PID N.A. Maintain Constant Pressure in Pipeline by PID Control & Pressure Sensing.
Harry Oppenheimer House, Kimberley Scrubber & Effluent Control System Various 1.5KW To 18KW V/Hz & DOL Electro Mechanical N.A. Conradie Venter Scrubber & Effluent Pump Control, Remote Display
Riverton Plant Automation & Pump Control Various DOL, Star-Delta Electro. Mechanical N.A. Cambell, Bernstein & Irving Extension to Waterworks.
Bethlehem Sewage Works - Plant Automation Various 1.5KW To 75KW Soft Starter PLC N.A. MCC With Eight S. Starters. Ultrasonic L. Control
Elliot Pump Control Dual 75KW Star-Delta PLC Analog Levels & Digital I/O Ninham Shand Control System for Town Water Supply.
De Aar Pump Control Various Soft Starter, Star-Delta SCADA Remote Start/Stop CDS Extension to Borehole Water Supply System.
Sweiser-Reneke Pump Control 55KW & 75Kw Soft Starter Electro. Mechanical N.A. CDS First MCC for Town Water Supply.
Douglas Sewage Works 2 x Dual 11KW Submersible Star-Delta Electro. Mechanical N.A. Ultrasonic L. Control
Douglas Plant Motor Control Various V/Hz, DOL Electro. Mechanical N.A. Woodrow Engineering Sales (Kimberley) cc MCC For Peanut Packaging Factory
Jagersfontein 90KW Submersible Pump Control 90KW, 525V Submersible Soft Starter Electro. Mechanical N.A Woodrow Engineering Sales (Kimberley) cc 220m Submersible Pump - S. Starter Reduce Mechanical Stress On Submersible Installation.
Aliwal Noord Pump Control Various 18KW To 90KW Soft Starter, Star-Delta Electro. Mechanical Digital I/O Ninham Shand Extension To Waterworks.
Barkly West Supply Line N.A. N.A. N.A. N.A. Woodrow Engineering Sales (Kimberley) cc New 11KV Supply Line, Extention To HT Circuit.
Bloemfontein Sewage Works Various 11KW To 90 Kw Soft Starter Electro. Mechanical N.A. Woodrow Engineering Sales (Kimberley) cc Upgrade Of Sewage Works.
Gariep Dam Pump Control Various DOL Electro. Mechanical N.A. Upgrade of Water Supply.
IMSmallnewlogo2.gif (1066 bytes) On some of the projects, the mechanical installation was done by Kimsupplies - Kimberley.
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