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Bulletin 150
SMC Dialog Plus™ Controller

The Bulletin 150 SMC Dialog Plus™ Controller is the most recent addition to the Allen-Bradley soft starter family and provides the latest in microprocessor-controlled starting and stopping for three-phase, squirrel cage induction motors.

This new controller also offers built-in electronic overload protection, valuable diagnostics, metering capability, and the option of communicating via different network protocols.

The SMC Dialog Plus™ Controller can operate three-phase, squirrel cage motors rated 1-1000A @ 200-600V AC, 50Hz and 60 Hz. Control voltage is 100-240V AC or 24V AC/DC.

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Standard Starting Methods:
Feature Benefit
Soft Start This method has the most general application. The motor is raised to an initial torque value which is programmable from 0 to 90% of locked rotor torque. The motor voltage is gradually increased during the acceleration ramp time, which can be programmed from 0 to 30 seconds.
Selectable Kickstart A kickstart, or boost, at the beginning of the voltage ramp is intended to provide a current pulse of 550% of full load current. The kickstart time is adjustable from 0.0 to 2.0 seconds. This allows the motor to develop additional torque at start for loads which may need a boost to get started.
Current Limit Start This starting mode is used when it is necessary to limit the maximum starting current. The current limit can be programmed for 50 to 600% of full load current.
Dual Ramp Start This starting mode is useful on applications that have varying loads and therefore varying starting torque requirements. The Dual Ramp Start offers the user the option to select between two separate Soft Start profiles with separately adjustable ramp times and initial torque settings.
The acceleration ramp times can be programmed from 0 to 30 seconds. The initial torque values can be programmed from 0 to 90% of locked rotor torque.
Note: Dual Ramp is only available with the standard controller.
Full Voltage Start This mode is used for applications requiring across-the-line starting. The ramp time is less than 1/4 second.


Starting and Stopping Options:
Feature Benefit
Soft Stop Minimize load shifting or spillage due to abrupt stops.
Pump Control Reduce potentially damaging fluid surges in pumping systems.
Preset Slow Speed Make process setup and alignment easy. Two jog speeds available in both forward and reverse directions - without the need for a reversing contactor.
Smart Motor Braking (SMB) Improve operation cycle time and increase productivity by stopping a motor quickly, instead of waiting for it to coast to a stop.
Accu-Stop Implement cost-effective general positioning control. This option provides rapid braking to a slow speed and then braking to a stop.
Slow Speed with Braking Combine the benefits of the Smart Motor Braking (SMB) option and Preset Slow Speed option. For applications that require slow setup speeds and braking to a complete stop.


Protective Features
Feature Benefit
Electronic Motor Overload Protection When compared to electro-mechanical overload protection, this option is more accurate, easier to integrate, and more flexible. Also, it simplifies control panel installation and start-up in the following ways:
  • requires fewer system components
  • requires less panel space
  • requires less wiring
  • eliminates heater elements
Phase Rebalance Reduce the chance of premature motor failure. Voltage imbalance can cause excessive motor overheating, resulting in motor damage.
Underload Protection Detects system malfunctions such as pump cavitation, tool breakage, and belt breakage
Programmable Starts/Hour Eliminate excessive motor winding heating which results from too many motor starts in a short period of time. Allows you to program maximum number of starts per hour.
Stall Protection and Jam Detection Prolong motor and system life by taking the motor offline quickly if stalls or jams are detected.
Meaningful Diagnostics Reduce downtime and troubleshooting efforts by quickly pinpointing system faults. The LCD panel displays faults in easy-to-read text.
Line Fault Protection Extend motor life. Line conditions such as over/undervoltage, power loss, voltage unbalance, and phase reversal can negatively affect motor life. The Dialog Plus controller addresses these conditions by providing adjustable parameters.


Intuitive User Interface
Feature Benefit
Built-in Metering Take the mystery out of motor operation. Metering capability such as current, voltage, power, power factor, and more are all available without the installation, wiring, and panel space costs associated with conventional electromechanical methods.
Quick Start Up and Easy Operation The Bulletin 150 SMC Dialog Plus™ Controller comes ready to control many applications. Once you've chosen which rating to use, there's little or no programming needed. The most popular settings come from the factory preprogrammed. Make use of as many of these as your application requires.
Intuitive User Interface The Bulletin 150 SMC Dialog Plus™ Controller's easy-to-use programming interface allows you to display/program the controller parameters and troubleshoot system faults. Features include:
  • Easy-to-read LCD display
  • The LCD panel displays parameters and faults in informative text
  • Simple (5 buttons) user interface for programming and troubleshooting
  • Keypad interface is the same as used on other Allen-Bradley products - no need to learn a new interface


SCANport Communications

Feature Benefit
Multiple Communication Protocols Program, monitor, and control the SMC Dialog Plus™ Controller via the following networks using the optional Bulletin 1203 communication module: RIO, DeviceNet™, Profibus, ControlNet, RS232/422/485-(All DF1), and DH-485.
"Plug and Play" Modular Hardware In seconds, you can plug a communications module or Human Interface Module (HIM) into the controller's SCANport™. This allows you to view parameters via a network or remotely via a Human Interface Module (HIM).
Smart Motor Braking, SCANport, and Accu-Stop are trademarks of Allen-Bradley Company, Inc.
DeviceNet is a trademark of the Open Device Vendors Association (O.D.V.A.).

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